The look, and the hands. I just sgkjdnfkhndfskhnfsh.

THIER HANDS   the whole fandom died   like this straight up killed me   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Duke of Cambridge   Prince William   olympics   *   

Love these two so much.

i wanna hang out with them so bad   they just seem so cool   dskjgndfskjnhdkfsjnh   Duke of Cambridge   Prince William   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Catherine Elizabeth   Kate Middleton   couple   love   british   equestrian   olympics   London   

Closing Ceremonies » The London 2012 Olympic Games

Closing Ceremony   London   Olympics   Team GB   United Kingdom   colors   landscape   love   m0rtality   one direction   photography   pretty   scenery   spice girls   teens   tumblr   ed sheeran   

» Kate hanging with her girls on Team GB’s Field Hockey Team after winning Bronze

Olympics: Field Hockey   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Field Hockey   Britain   Team GB   Olympics   2012   

Always there supporting no matter what, love it!

Olympics: Synchro   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Olympics   2012   

» Kate meeting with Finn Class Gold medal winner Ben Ainslie & Team GB Sailing squad

2012   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Midldeton   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Olympics: Day 10   olympics   sailing   team GB   

» Kate cheering on Team GB at Women’s Handball Day 9  

so so so cute   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Olympics: Day 9   royals   london   olympics   2012   

» Kate cheering on Team GB at Gymnastics Day 9 

Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Olympics: Day 9   Gymnastics   Olympics   2012   London   British   Royal   

Why must you do cute things? Stopppppp.

Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Cute   Duchess of Cambridge   Duke of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Olympics   Prince William   beautiful   couple   eyes   hair   london   love   olympics 2012   photography   smile   vintage   Olympics: Day 7   Swimming   

Looking quite the cute couple.

Duke of Cambridge   Duchess of Cambridge   Prince William   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Olympics   Swimming   2012   Olympics: Day 7