love your blog! kate is beautiful and i've always adored her. so great to find a blog about the british royal family. x

Aw thank you lovely, that means so much to me! I’m also so happy to know that you feel that way about Kate. Love your blog by the way. Much love. xx

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I seriously love your edits and your blog and everythig you post! I'm such a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of William & Kate and your blog is one of the first blogs I check for new pictures and updates because your blog is flawless and amazing and I always use your edits as my computer or phone background and I JUST SUPPORT YOU SO DAMN MUCH <3 Lots of love ♥

Aw wow, this is so sweet. I don’t even know what to say, but this whole message in it’s entirety means so much to me and I’m always so grateful for the support etc., I’m also so glad you’re such a huge fan of Will and Kate, they’re just some of the best things you can be a fan of. But, I’m so glad you like my edits and just simply everything. You’re way too sweet, but thank you nonetheless. Much love. 

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Your blog is as flawless as Kate Middleton's face. Which is to say, pretty darn flawless. And perfect and beautiful and perfectly beautiful. So thank you for brightening up my day that much more with your flawless posts! ;)

Hahaha, omg. Aw, there’s no way my blog is as flawless as Kate’s face. I mean, have you seen it?! Really you’re making me like gush with rainbows and stuff, lol. But really, thank you so so much for this sweet message. It just made my day, and I appreciate you taking the time to even look at my blog! Glad I could make your day with my posts. Much much much love. 

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I love your blog so, so much <3 You are so talented in editing pictures and putting them together to beautiful photosets! Every day I check out your blog and I just sit in my room, in front of my computer, stare at your pictures for hours and I just think: "Wow, she's so lovely, talented and nice to everyone." I think, you're one of the best blogs and I'm a huge fan and supporter of yours! <3

Aw, thank you so so much. <3 It really means a lot that you even look at my blog, just knowing that you even care about it at all in the slightest is what means the most to me, and I can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate the kind compliments, they always have a special place in my heart and I never forget them. But truly, there are so many other amazing blogs - I’m nothing that special, but I’m so glad I’ve got a supporter in you. Much love beautiful. <3

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You really have no idea how long I've been searching for a really good Kate blog on here; yours is absolutely wonderful and your edits are beautiful! Also love your tweets and Instagram. A big hug from a fellow Kate fan! xo

Aw, I’m really glad that you’ve found and me I just want to thank you so much for the sweet sweet compliment. Really glad you love the edits, tweets, Instagram, and just everything. This made my day. Sending a big hug right back from a fellow Kate fan. Much love beauty. xoxo

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I love the new gif you've added. Kate's trying to keep calm but also totally wants to groove so she does it subtly -- haha cute!

Hahaha, aw thank you! I’m really glad you like it! I know, right? When I saw it on TV, I was laughing so much and I just had to have it on my blog! She’s too cute! Hope you’re well lovely! 

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I admire how much time and effort you put into this perfect blog, it's amazing and so inspiring! If I ever win the UK Lottery I will pay for you to fly over to London and stay in The Ritz! :')

Aw, thank you so so much! Really glad you like it! Hahahahahaha, aw omg. You’re really too sweet, and way too kind! That’s way too much, but thank you nonetheless! Much love beauty! :) xo


I absolutely ADORE your blog <3 It is amazing! (your twitter account too). I'm in love with every edit you do, they're all perfect! Keep doing the great job you do! Your blog is one of my favourites EVER <33333 love love love love it!

Aww, thank you darlin’! Honestly, it really means a lot to me that you feel that way about everything and I really can’t thank you enough for the kind words. Happy I could be one of your favorites! Much love. 


your tumblr is fantastic!

Aw thank you beauty! Really means a lot to me. 

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Oh my goodness just when I think I'm doing okay you post another edit and I sit here like "oh okay." Your edits are flawless, just want to let you know. xo

Hahahaha, aww. Thanks Diane, you’re too kind. But really, you’re doing exceptional for a person who just joined the  fandom. Love ya uber mucho. Flawless, naah. But, I appreciate it. Much love. 

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