Pippa Middleton | Vanity Fair’s July 2013 Issue

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Pippa Middleton | Vanity Fair’s July 2013 Issue

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I first went to Wimbledon when I was eight years old and already a very keen tennis player. During this first trip I acted on my childish tennis dreams and bought myself a postcard of the women’s championship trophy, on which I wrote, ‘I will win this one day,’ with my signature below.” — Pippa Middleton | Vanity Fair’s July 2013 Issue

GOD SHE LOOKS AMAZING   I LOVE HER   I'M DYING?!!   those middleton genetics i swear to god   Pippa Middleton   Vanity Fair   beautiful   photoshoot   london   

Pippa is so cute.

honestly i just   i want to hug her   and be her friend   sdfkgndskfjnhdsfkjnh   so gorgeous   Pippa Middleton   pip   

I can’t even, she looks gorgeous.

what is ur fACE   seriously i am so done with you   bye   Pippa Middleton   pip   

Idk what it is, but I’m so in love with Pippa and her boyfriend Nico. They are so cute together, and they look so happy and my feels for them are just skfjgndfskjndkjfsnh they’re out of this world. I LOVE THEM, I just had to get that out. 

MY OTP FOREVER I CAN'T EVEN   THEY ARE SO CUTE   SDKNDFSKNHDKJFNH   but seriously they are so fuggin cute   i canNOT   Pippa Middleton   Nico Jackson   

Can’t even deal with the cuteness that is Pippa and Carole.

THEY ARE SO CUTE LIKE DFDKJFNHDFKJSH   i love this photo   definitely need a frame for this   jk   but srsly i love them   Pippa Middleton   Carole Middleton   mother   daughter   british   london   

They’re the cutest sisters.

aww these two are seriously so cute   i wanna hang out with them   love them   Pippa Middleton   Philippa Middleton   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   sisters   wimbledon   

"It’s [Celebrate] incredibly exciting and I feel really lucky to have been in this position to publish a book, so it’s great. It’s been a crazy couple of years since my sister’s wedding, but it’s had its upsides and downsides. I just feel really fortunate to be able to build a career as a writer." — Pippa Middleton, at the unveiling of her new book “Celebrate”

aw she is so cute   and the kids love her too   congrats babygirl   Pippa Middleton   Philippa Middleton   Celebrate   London   book   tour   press   

They are so silly! You gotta love their close bond as sisters. So sweet. 

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