I keep imagining Baby Cambridge laying on his mommy’s chest. AW OH MY GOD TOO CUTE DYING SAKJNHDKSJNHKJADFSNHKDJSNH 


I keep thinking of the moment Kate gets to hold her baby for the first time. ALL THE FEELS MAN. NO ONE TOUCH ME SDJGAJBGDSJFHSAD

DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME OKAY   :(((((((   kate middleton   duchess of cambridge   baby cambridge   

One of my fav side profile shots of Kate.

you such a stunna gurl   i love you   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   beautiful   british   

Love her smile. So infectious.

ugh she is just so cute   can't wait for her little baby   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   british   smile   

Kate out antique shopping in Hungerford, England | June 22, 2013

the hand on the belly kills me   LIKE I CAN'T   and her coat   TO DIE FOR   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   british   

So pretty.

posting this because i can't deal with the drama right now   like this backfired so bad   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   

The Trio + Baby Cambridge 

baby cambridge ugh my heart   *UGLY CRYING*   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Duke of Cambridge   Prince William   Prince Harry   Trooping the Colour 13   british   london   

Eeeeek she’s just so cute.

her dimples man   I CANNOT   her children are gonna be BEAUTIFUL   dang will and kate are gonna have some hot ass babies   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Trooping the Colour   british   london   

She’s going to be one amazing mom.

im not ready for this baby man sdfkjnhdksjnhdskjnh   *UGLY CRYING*   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Trooping the Colour   british   london   

Kate at the Trooping the Colour Ceremony | June 15, 2013

she's so cute   Trooping the Colour   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   london   british