Kate visiting Child Bereavement UK’s offices in Buckinghamshire | March 19, 2013

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Kate visiting the 1st Battalion Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day | March 7, 2013

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I love the scene that surrounds her.

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How it must feel to have someone look at you like this, with all the love in the world that they could possibly have. Words can’t explain how great of a blessing it is, at least to me, to have such a beautiful and loving couple like these two be present before our very eyes and in this generation. People are so quick to say that these two aren’t in love, or that what they have is a farce - but in all seriousness it’s real, and anyone who can’t see that is honestly just choosing not to. Just to see them in love gives me hope that one day I will fall in love just like this, and know that in the end the whole journey was all worth it. To know that you can find your soul mate, the one that you can connect with on such a paramount level that no one else can reach, and be able to spend the rest of your life with that someone and know that they will always love you no matter what is the most sublime thing ever in my eyes. Will and Kate; never stop looking at each other this way, never stop loving one another, and above all always remember that you have millions of people around the world who support you both and your beautiful love story as well as your ongoing journey together. You’re going to be amazing parents, I know it with all my heart, and just know that as well as all of the millions of people who love and support you — I love you.

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How she looks like she’s posing for a photo shoot, when really she’s just standing there I will never know. 

lookin' like she came straight off the magazine   FIERCE   dfnhdskjnhdfskjnh   how are you real tho   so done with your face   SO DONE   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Catherine Middleton   *   

Love her little proud expression.

Love her little proud expression.

imagine that look when baby cambridge scores his/her's first goal   dfsknhdskfjnhdfskjnh   ok im done   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   beautiful   

They are the cutest.

i wanna be them so bad   look how adorable they are skjfndskjnhdsnh   cutiesssssss   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   beautiful   british   Prince William   Duke of Cambridge   soloman islands   

She’s so cute and look at baby Cambridge down there, aw!

baby cambridge is sdjkgnadkjfh   like look at her bump aw :')   ngl the bump is cute you gotta admit   she's gonna be a great mama   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Grimsby   *   

She looked so radiant today!

this photoset was so hard to color   or rather one photo in particular   it was being a BIZNATCH   kate's still gorgeous though   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   beautiful   british   grimsby   havelock academy   

Kate visiting the Havelock Academy -- March 5, 2013
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