Love this photo of her.

please stop with your face   ugh   posting all my edits in my draft   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   british   love   canada   

I love Will and Kate so much I can’t even explain it. 

these are my babies   idc if you don't like my babies   but they are   and i effing love them   like more than you even know   Duchess of Cambridge   Duke of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Prince William   canada   boat race   

I love the scene that surrounds her.

especially all the fans in the back   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Catherine Middleton   Catherine Elizabeth   Canada   beautiful   british   

Aw, love when she greets the crowds!

Aw, love when she greets the crowds!

her smile is so cute   i wanna shake your hand skjfnhdskh   so pretty omg   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   beautiful   royal tour   canada   

Making the cowgirls everywhere jealous.

life is not a photoshoot kate omg   love you wahh   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   royal   british   cowgirl   photosets   pretty   rodeo   Canada   

So beautiful.

Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Kate Middleton   Catherine Middleton   Royal Tour   Canada   London   England   British   Royal   

I had to wait for a few hours to meet the Duchess and I kept asking my mom when she would get there because I was worried that the flowers I’d bought her would die. Kate was very pretty and she was so nice to me. I told her that her husband was nice and that it was an honour to meet her. Now, whenever I see her picture in a newspaper or magazine when we’re out, I tell other customers at the grocery store that I met her.” — Samuel Seehawer, age 8

Catherine Elizabeth   Duchess of Cambridge   Samuel Seehawer   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Royal Tour   Canada   100k   

I’m having Kate withdrawal. Missing her so much.

Catherine Elizabeth   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Royal   British   London   Royal Tour   Canada   100k   

So cute.

Catherine Elizabeth   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Royal Tour   Canada   

Love her faces, too sweet.

Catherine Elizabeth   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Royal Tour   Canada