Kate at the National Review of Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle | April 21, 2013 

she looks adorable up there   gosh i love her   such a cutie   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   london   Windsor Castle   

This is so cute.

sdkgjnsfkjnhdfskh she's gonna be an amazing mom   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   london   british   

Such a cute couple. 

they look so young here   and so cute   god william's face is skjgndfskjnhdfskjnh   i love them   Duchess of Cambridge   Duke of Cambridge   Prince William   Kate Middleton   Catherine Middleton   couple   british   love   

Love that the people in the crowds genuinely love her.

love shots like this   it's nice to see all the love for her   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   beautiful   crowds   fans   british   london   

She looks so good in red!

the lady in red   she is fireeeee so stunning   babe   but seriously she's flawless   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   

Her face though.

pretty sure life isn't a photoshoot   but somehow your face is   i'm just done   like how do you face   such a gorgeous mom   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   Glasgow   Emirates Arena   british   scotland   *   

I love the scene that surrounds her.

especially all the fans in the back   Duchess of Cambridge   Kate Middleton   Catherine Middleton   Catherine Elizabeth   Canada   beautiful   british   

Love her little proud expression.

Love her little proud expression.

imagine that look when baby cambridge scores his/her's first goal   dfsknhdskfjnhdfskjnh   ok im done   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   british   beautiful   

Can’t even deal with the cuteness that is Pippa and Carole.

THEY ARE SO CUTE LIKE DFDKJFNHDFKJSH   i love this photo   definitely need a frame for this   jk   but srsly i love them   Pippa Middleton   Carole Middleton   mother   daughter   british   london   

They are the cutest.

i wanna be them so bad   look how adorable they are skjfndskjnhdsnh   cutiesssssss   Duchess of Cambridge   Catherine Elizabeth   Catherine Middleton   Kate Middleton   beautiful   british   Prince William   Duke of Cambridge   soloman islands