SO, I was up last night at about 2:21 AM and I was inspired by a blogger on here that had “Teach Me How to Duchess” as a title of a photo. Then I thought, this needs a RAP. So, I sat down, played the instrumental, and wrote this rap on the spur of the moment. I hope you share this with all your friends and everyone around you, and sing this song. Maybe one day Catherine will get word of it, and she can do it with us. LOL, I’m a wishful thinker! >:D ENJOY, HAVE FUN, AND RAP AWAY! We love you Catherine!

*Play the instrumental above to rap with “Teach Me How to Duchess.”

- It should be easy for anyone who knows how the original song goes. Haha :D*

*Rap to the tune of “Teach Me How to Dougie”.*

Give me feedback if you had fun duchessing, or what you think of it in general. 

*No copyright infrigement intended.*

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