this is what george looks like when sleeping ;_;


Can you hear my tears???

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Duchess of cheesiest smiles.

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If i met you in real life... I'd hug you so hard and squeal about kate and how excited i was to meet you 😊 this is farah_lou (twitter) by the way!!xxx

Haha omg, you’re the sweetest! I hope to see you real soon, and take you up on that hug! Honestly. I can’t wait for the squealing about Kate, lol. Love ya girl. xxx

They are too cute.

that look   i actually cannot   duchess of cambridge   duke of cambridge   kate middleton   prince william   

"If I met you in real life…" Finish it in my ask.

Haha I’m quite curious, let me know!

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duchess of cambridge   kate middleton   such a social charmer   :)   

she's so cute   duchess of cambridge   kate middleton   

Prince William and Kate Middleton make unexpected £5,000 donation to Rhyl Flood Appeal

They give me so much life. Just the look of absolute love on their faces give me feelings I actually can’t explain really. Call me a cheesy cornball if you will, but these two are some of the best people I could ever look up to. This, I’m sure many could agree on with me. I love you Will and Kate. 

kdsjnhdkshn ugh they make my life   i can't explain my love for them   out of this world   duchess of cambridge   duke of cambridge   my babies   british   prince william   

I know you'll like this: about the time of the tour, George will be 9 months, and around that time, some babies start waving "bye bye" and saying "mama" or "dada" :D Have a nice day!! I hope school is going great!

YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME fskjdnhdshnkdh. That’s so cute, my heart can barely take it. Thanks Miren, it is, love you! x