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Prince William and Kate Middleton make unexpected £5,000 donation to Rhyl Flood Appeal

They give me so much life. Just the look of absolute love on their faces give me feelings I actually can’t explain really. Call me a cheesy cornball if you will, but these two are some of the best people I could ever look up to. This, I’m sure many could agree on with me. I love you Will and Kate. 

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I know you'll like this: about the time of the tour, George will be 9 months, and around that time, some babies start waving "bye bye" and saying "mama" or "dada" :D Have a nice day!! I hope school is going great!

YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME fskjdnhdshnkdh. That’s so cute, my heart can barely take it. Thanks Miren, it is, love you! x

love your blog! how fun! I met Will and Kate when they visited Canada a couple years ago now. They were so incredibly kind, it was surreal! Love keeping tabs on them! ;)

Aw, thanks so much lovely! Can’t even tell you practically jealous I am of you, but so happy for you at the same time! Glad to know you’re alive to tell the story, and not faint or hyperventilate like I probably would! Haha! They’re the best to keep up with! ;) Thanks for this, MWAH. 

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"Prince William said today that ‘one is enough’ for the moment when it comes to babies! William also revealed George has started crawling and is doing well with his weaning. I know that he’s got one little tooth coming through too!"

Rebecca English (via a-royal-love-affair)



They are straight up drinking from the fountain of youth. Like what.

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They are simply the cutest.

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Ugh, her smile is so presh. I can’t.

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