Kate being cute and messing up her speech at the National Portrait Gallery Gala

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Did you hear that Kate is pregnant again-with twins. Do you think it's true?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO. Definitely not. Please don’t believe everything that you hear or even see when it comes to Kate being pregnant. It’ll be a little while yet for any more Baby Cambridges to come around. PLUS, George has barely even reached O N E years old. So, no it’s not true.

Can I seriously just meet all of my followers in real life? Like, that would be the best gift on Earth, quite honestly. I love y’all so much, it’s crazy.

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If I met you in real life I'd cry then die because your flawless ass is literally so dear to me! We'd obvi flail over Kate I'm lbr WHO WOULDNT. But yeah I'd freak out and die ((but die happy k))

Hahaha aw, omg! Lo, I genuinely love you and when I finally get to meet you (because it’s happening, duh) I’m gonna squeeze you and of course DIE over Kate because like you said, let’s be real - WHO WOULDN’T?! Ugh, but seriously I can’t wait for this day bby. <3

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Wonder if Will ever walks into his living room, sees Kate and says “what’s up Princess?”

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this is what george looks like when sleeping ;_;


Can you hear my tears???

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Duchess of cheesiest smiles.

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If i met you in real life... I'd hug you so hard and squeal about kate and how excited i was to meet you 😊 this is farah_lou (twitter) by the way!!xxx

Haha omg, you’re the sweetest! I hope to see you real soon, and take you up on that hug! Honestly. I can’t wait for the squealing about Kate, lol. Love ya girl. xxx

They are too cute.

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"If I met you in real life…" Finish it in my ask.

Haha I’m quite curious, let me know!

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