what are you up to these days since you've been gone? (:

Sorry I’m so late on answering these! But I’m currently working on making sure that I have every thing that I need before I go off to college! I’ve been doing a lot of photography work for seniors, college grads, etc., I’ll post the link to my Tumblr that showcases my work thus far! Also, I’ve been crying, screaming, and fangirling over the perfection that is the Cambridges!!! But honestly, what’s new with me when it comes to that? I’m so predictable whenever there are royals in the picture. Haha!

Aww Jas I really missed you during the tour!! So glad you're gonna be on a little more with updates <3 I will forever love your blog :) Stay beautiful xx

Aw, I missed you too love! I’m going to do my best to be on a little more as much as I can! It’s hard, but I’m really trying! I will forever love yours as well, thank you! That really means a lot! You stay just as beautiful. :) xxx

What's your opinion on Harry having his own dating show?

Lol I was actually more genuinely concerned for the well being and mental state of the girls who actually thought that this guy was Harry. Not every ginger is Prince Harry, but what can you do? 

We miss you a lot on here! Are you going to come back???

I miss you guys even more, believe me! It actually pains me that I can’t be on here as much as I used to, but I’m right now in the process of finding a way to make this something I do for a living anyway - since I love media. My major for college is Communications: Media & Journalism/Photojournalism so hopefully I get to do this for life! I am going to come back, it’s just hard as I’m transitioning into this new thing called college life! Haha! I’m doing my best, but if you all continue to stay with me - hopefully I can come back full swing, like I was doing before! Much love xxx

Are you a tennis fan, and if so, are you watching Wimbledon? :)

Most definitely a huge tennis fan! When I was little, I actually aspired to be like Venus and Serena and wanted to take it seriously! I am watching, even though now it’s over! xo

Kate attending the start of the 1st stage of the 2014 Tour de France in Leeds, England | July 5, 2014

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Emily Andrews ‏@byEmilyAndrews  
Kate &amp; William arrive in Arromanches


Kate & William arrive in Arromanches

"Kate will attend a breakfast reception at The National Maritime museum in Greenwich on Tuesday 10 June, palace announces"
- @QueenVicMirror (via stunningkate)

"Prince William, Kate & George flew under the alias “Mr & Mrs Jones” + Baby Jones during Royal Tour (@byEmilyAndrews)"

via (via britishroyalstweets)

This is actually super cute, I can’t.

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To all of my followers;

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to update you guys with pictures and GIFs from the tour. Like always, some bad luck has to happen to me during Will and Kate’s tours and events. My laptop completely stopped working and it’s still being fixed at the moment - but no worries, I’m using my dad’s as of right now and I’m going to do my best to update everything! Once again, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to share all of the excitement with you all on here, and only on Twitter! You all know I wish I could’ve! But anyway, I’m gonna work on updating for the rest of the month! Thanks for staying with me and never ever unfollowing! You all are the most loyal followers I could ever ask for, and for that I love you all beyond belief. I also missed y’all so much! XO Jas 

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